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Tesseron Cognac XO Extreme Tesseron  750ml
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Tesseron Cognac XO Extreme Tesseron

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Category Cognac
Origin France, Cognac
Brand Tesseron Cognac


Tesseron Extreme is so rare that even specialist only speak of it as a memory of flavors long sought and never found. Extreme has been created from a secret blend of 10 eaux-de-vie, with the oldest being from 1853! This cognac’s availability for sale is an exceptional event.  This is the very first time that these ancient treasures, sheltered in the peace and privacy of Tesseron’s ‘’Paradis’’ cellars, have been offered for sale. The Tesseron Extreme really is something special. A collector’s item and rare pearl, it is a piece of history and a celebration of the craftsmanship and heritage that the four generations of the Tesseron family have brought to the world of Cognac. Created by cellar master and master blender Jacky Martial, this Cognac contains a harmonious marriage of eaux-de-vie that have been carefully selected over a year long process, with some boasting ages of over 100 years old.

Tasting notes

Velvety and supple on the palate, its exceptional mellowness is matched only by its infinitely complex depth. Its mesmerizing nose, the result of long years of ageing in oak casks, smooth and harmonious. It opens up in waves of countless secondary aromas whose tones get stronger and stronger and then ends with a nice, soft finish. Its exceptionally long-lingering taste is an irrefutable pledge of quality.


The Tesseron Cognac estate deals exclusively in Cognac's of XO age and above. Their collection of rare and prestigious Cognacs stored in the "paradis" cellars of the estate were first stored there by none other than Abel Tesseron himself when the House was founded in 1905. This legacy and tradition has been passed down through four generations, with the Maison now ran by Mélanie Tesseron. What makes Tesseron so sought after is not only the high-quality eaux-de-vie and the exquisite presentation of its bottle design, but the story that is sold with it. The "paradis" cellars at Tesseron are in fact a former crypt of a 12th century abbey, creating a unique atmosphere for the maturation process that is rich in history and tradition. The cellars are protected using guard dogs, this is understandable when you realize some of their oldest cognacs have been there for over 175 years!

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This is the best brown liquid I have ever tasted in my life. Pure silk. Its as if it was a Devine intervention in the cellars of Tesseron that created this. Absolutely life changing. So subtle, pristine and gentile. Hints of anise, elderflower and honey.

Kevin Kingston, March 31, 2022

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