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Old Mexico Blanco Tequila 1L
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Old Mexico Blanco Tequila


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Category Blanco
Origin Mexico
Brand Old Mexico
Old Mexico Tequila is a handmade, small batch tequila, boasting the highest percentage of agave of any tequila bottled in the US. Our Premium Quality comes through in both aroma and taste making it the perfect choice for your next Margarita. Old Mexico Tequila is born from Agave picked at the peak of maturity from the ripe fields of Jalisco, Mexico. The choicest part of the Agave, the "Pineapple" is then slow cooked for 50 hrs in traditional Brick and Stone Ovens. The juice of the cooked Agave is then slowly extracted using traditional "Molino" Mills that help retain more flavor. The fermented juice is distilled twice in single batches in Traditional Pot Stills to produce our Old Mexico Tequila. The use of Artisanal Methods of slow production in traditional ways produces Tequila of exceptional quality and taste. See for yourself why Old Mexico Tequila is simply the finest value of Tequila on the market today.

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