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75 Wine Company The Sum 2019
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75 Wine Company The Sum 2019

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The SUM is a unique and stylistic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and select varietals that make up a bold proprietary cuvee, where the finished wine is bigger than the sum of its parts. Aromas of dried lavender and fresh ground peppercorn fill the glass. The wine coats the mouth with flavors of fresh blackberries and crushed cherry. The finish is soft and lingering with a hint of cocoa and rose petal. Enjoy this wine with cassoulet, oven roasted root vegetables, grilled mushrooms and smoked brisket.

Tuck created the 75 Wine Company to give consumers unparalleled value in a spectrum of varietals. The '75 commemorates the year his family moved to the Napa Valley. The portfolio encompasses several outstanding wines: '75 Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc highlight Tuck's belief in the great value and quality of grapes from Lake and Mendocino counties. The Sum is a red blend highlighting his affinity for blending varietals to create a balanced wine with depth and breadth. Melée Grenache and Melée Rosé are brilliant examples of the diversity and elegance of Grenache. And Hogwash, now there's a story. What started as custom small batch wine for an Atlanta charity has become a runaway hit from coast to coast. The variety, value and fun of these wines are proof that great wines can be crafted at many levels with the experience and wisdom of master vintner.

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  • spw91