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Jade Liqueurs 1901 ABSINTHE Superieure 750ml
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Jade Liqueurs 1901 ABSINTHE Superieure

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Category Absinthe
Origin France
Brand Jade Liqueurs
Alcohol/vol 68%

  5-STARS / Highest Recommendation - Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal

                                                  Real Grande Wormwood

Jade 1901® Absinthe Supérieure was recreated as a tribute to a widely studied pre-ban absinthe, as it appeared circa 1901.

Composition - French eau de vie pot distilled and infused with whole botanicals and rested for an average of 3 years before bottling.

The efforts of T. A. Breaux and Viridian Spirits (Lucid Absinthe Supérieure) resulted in the 95 year-old U.S. ban on absinthe to be lifted on March 5, 2007. This opened the door for genuine absinthe to be distributed within the U.S. for the first time since 1912. 

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  • we93

To make this bottling, T.A. Breaux analyzed vintage absinthe, dated circa 1901. It's burnished gold in the glass, louching to opalescent light gold, and scented with bold notes of anise and licorice. The flavor is mild at first, but shows more anise on the long, rounded finish.

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