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Iconic Wines Secret Identity 2017

Iconic Wines Secret Identity 2017
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Secret Identity is made to be Iconic Wine's ideal summer rosé. Crisp and refreshing, screw top, and at only around 10% alcohol, designed to be able to drink a lot on the beach, back porch or any outdoor space. Despite the freshness, it still carries enough fruit to be equally at home with kebabs off the grill once the sun goes down.The name Secret Identity comes from the desire to make the best dry rosé for the buck we could while not being trapped by tradition. Rather than showcasing a single region or grape, the focus on our ideal Light, aromtic, fresh, and readily drinkable. This year is a blend of fourgrapes across Lodi and the Sierra Foothills.
Category Rosé Wine
Region California
Brand Iconic Wines
Alcohol/vol 10%