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Booker Vineyard Ones Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah Box Set 2014

Booker Vineyard Ones Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah Box Set 2014
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Booker Vineyard is located on Paso Robles' Westside, immediately joining the famous Stephan Vineyards that produce L'Aventure Wines. The high-density vineyard is mostly Rhone varieties planted on steep hillsides of calcareous shale. The name Booker comes from the two orphan brothers Claude and Dick Booker who had owned the land, as well as hundreds of more acres on Paso's Westside. The Booker brothers were Paso's favorite sons, dedicating their lives to being great farmers and humanitarians. Aside from lending their farming knowledge and manual labor to neighbors and those in need, they were the area's biggest philanthropists, leaving 100% of their estate to charity when they passed. After making wine with Justin Smith for five years and Stephan Asseo for two years, the Jensens decided it was time to create their own expression with Booker Vineyard. The 2005 Vintage was Booker Vineyards first release with the wines being made by owner Eric Jensen. The wine making style is extremely soft and hands-off, attempting to let the fruit finish what it started seven months earlier. They rarely use a pump, never rack or filter, and use minimal sulfur. At Booker Vineyard we have dedicated our lives to farming perfection. We are constantly striving to find perfect balance in our vineyard, which means continuously being aware of new sustainable practices and methods. Beginning in the Spring of 2009 we will begin our venture into the world of Biodynamics. Ours will be a cross between farming organic, sustainable and biodynamic, where we treat the entire vineyard as a living organism. We will attempt to grow our own food, raise our own meats and put all of the waste back into the vineyard in the form of compost tea. Animals will be placed in charge of weed control and solar panels will be placed at the house and winery. The planting of the vineyard is entirely on hillsides that are made up of pure calcareous shale, allowing for very little vine vigor. Other than large projects such as pruning and fruit thinning, Eric Jensen farms the entire vineyard with his assistant, allowing total visual and physical control. Most of the Vineyard is on 7x3 spacing, averaging about 2.5 tons to the acre which is just over two pounds per plant. Below is a list of the wineries that purchase our fruit; all of whom we are very proud.
Category Red Wine
Country California
Region Central Coast
Appellation Paso Robles
Brand Booker Vineyard