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Samos Cooperative Vin Doux 2015 500ml
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Samos Cooperative Vin Doux 2015

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Vin Doux, a member of the prestigious Vins de Liqueurs family is the most popular Samos wine! Both its appearance and its aromas prove irresistible to wine lovers who appreciate its pale golden color and the tantalizing aromas of apricot jam, overripe melon and butterscotch candy. First mouth is an explosive experience, with an abundance of flavor revolving around muscat grapes expressed in pure freshness. Vin Doux is a wine that retains the primary muscat aroma to its fullest and beckons you to enjoy it in long relishing gulps. Slices of melon with prosciutto has have never had a better companion than Vin Doux which is just as comfortable with a great deal of other dishes or desserts.