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Cave de la Petite Fontaine Sancerre 2019
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Cave de la Petite Fontaine Sancerre 2019


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"Sauvignon" very characteristic with its freshness and aromas, produces a dry and fruity wine. Typicality is due to the terrain - geological stratum dating from secondary formations which extend on both sides of the "fault" of Sancerre - and Jurassic limestone. Le Blanc grape variety is grown on slopes (slopes up to 40%) and also on limestone plateaus and very stony - called "the caillottes" - that give the wine from Sancerre Blanc this very special aroma. The White Sancerre wine is tasted at a temperature of 8 to 10° C depending on the season - enjoyed cooler in summer. To keep the original flavor of the wine, take the precautionary reseal the bottle immediately after the tasting. This is a wine to be consumed relatively young, its freshness and its aromas evolve after 4 or 5 years. The Sancerre Blanc is popular just before the meal, but also with laminated, any entry, cheese dishes and of course with the Dung of Chavignol.