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DDiamond Cabernet Merlot 2010


SKU 03543


DDiamond Wine chooses the best wines of the Italian tradition, that tradition that takes care of the cultivation of the vines and it rediscovers the ancient tastes. Aroma, taste, colors... vines that grow on the sweet hills of the Center Italy, between Marche and Abruzzi Regions, to the shelter from the winds of the sea and kissed from the mild climate, the bright exposure and the wealth of water both of the subsoil that piovanas, are the ideal environment for the cultivation of appreciated grapes. The attention that we set in the choice and in the selection of our wines is the fruit of the care toward our Clients, to which we want to guarantee wines of quality and excellence. For this we select the productions of our wines following the whole "filiera" to guarantee the characteristic peculiarities, beginning from the traditional techniques for the preparation, the seasoning up to the bottle of the wine. DDiamond Wine: quality and excellence in your wine glass.
Category Red Wine
Country Italy
Region Veneto
Brand DDiamond